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        2. Products
          children business gift package
          Quality assurance
          Imported equipment
          Quality raw materials
          Senior team
          Strict quality system
          QC goods seized
          Quality assurance
          Price advantage
          Factory outlets
          Advanced devices
          Automation Printing
          Lean management
          Decades of concentration
          price advantage
          • Factory outlets
          • Advanced high-speed devices
          • Automation Printing
          • Lean management
          • Decades of concentration
          • price advantage
          Service Guarantee
          Material security
          Color Guarantee
          Production GT
          Management GT
          Delivery GT
          Emergency support
          Service Guarantee
          Normal printing
          A complete color management system, ensure the printed color is the color you see. Prepress equipment Traditional film plate, the traditional color printing proofing, restore the network difference
          More than one new imported printing presses, comprehensive and efficient to meet the needs of various customers Printing Equipment Domestic or second-hand printing press, print quality and poor sense of color
          India imports a full set of automated binding equipment India equipment Very few domestic or old binding machine, low productivity, low accuracy, low efficiency, quality can not be guaranteed
          Standardized plant, plant area of 6,000 square feet, more than 200 employees, the factory is large in scale, complete equipment scale Small-scale, small workshops, no advanced hardware
          Companies using ERP production management system, through the ISO9000 certification. management Family-owned factories or without professional management staff, no professional management software, handmade billing
          Professional technology team strictly in line with the customer is responsible attitude, try to make sure that each print prenatal samples. Crafts Only accepts print part processing procedures, can not take full account of the requirements of the direct production process, quality can not be guaranteed.
          Pre-press machine free checking client files in a timely manner for the customer file vulnerability discovery, and timely notification to modify adjustments. Services Only undertake unsolicited printed documents, no professional production staff inspect documents, quality problems, to shirk responsibility.
          Purchasing premium brand ink, green, bright colors, color saturation, adhesive fastness easy to dry Ink Buyer secondary brand ink, faded, to be dry for a long time and easy to ride dirty, viscosity is not guaranteed.
          Supplier brands, commonly used paper stock, to solve the urgent needs of customers orders, to ensure the quality of paper, printing and procurement cost savings Paper Random any brand or no brand unpackaged garbled paper, the paper does not guarantee the unity of the customer, without any inventory.
          Chengxi strength
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          Customer Testimonials
          Alltek USA general manager
          I is an advertising company outside the person in charge, Shanghai Chenxi professional and service always let us maintain close relations of cooperation, sometimes encountered urgent order processing, customer service and production tried to for me to solve the problem and ensure the delivery schedule, let our customers of our evaluation is very high, thank Shanghai Chenxi Printing Co., Ltd. the solid backing.
          Ozaki, general manager of Shanghai
          Mr. Han Tang
          I am just last year and Shanghai Chenxi printing business, had been heard the strength of the company, all kinds of sophisticated equipment configuration, although the beginning made some mistakes, but Chenxi printing with active to take decisive measures to remedy, let we lose can be reduced to a minimum, and the successful completion of delivery. Shanghai Chenxi is my trusted enterprise.